What’s An Electric Lift Chair Recliner?

When one thinks of home healthcare equipment, normally a mental picture of a healthcare facility room pops into our head. This could have been an correct picture many years in the past, but through progressive manufacturers and our demand to carry on a “normal” life as we age, you’ll find a lot better possibilities for healthcare furnishing today. As an example, recliner lift chairs look deceptively like any other recliner you would buy from the furniture store.

Golden Technologies™ delivers an unbelievable line of power lift recliners. There’s no manufacturer that has more material possibilities. This makes shopping for a lift recliner a lot more like shopping for piece of furniture rather than a piece of healthcare equipment.

The biggest factory devoted to the production of lift chairs is located in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Golden Tech™ is family owned since 1985 and it is happy to be a leader within the healthcare furnishings business using a domestic work force right here in the USA.

Each electric lift chair is manufactured using quality components with exceptional quality craftsmanship. The body is made from kiln dried maple with double dowels for reinforcement. Heavy gauge springs are used adding a longer life to the seat, as well as keeping the firmness. Dacron fill is hand blown in to the material creating an extremely comfortable supportive cushion.

As opposed to other recliners and other reclining lift chairs, Golden Technologies™ delivers one of the widest ranges of seat sizes. Being keenly conscious that not every person may be the exact same height, bodyweight or body type, Golden Tech™ produces varying sizes of chairs. The seat width ranges from eighteen inches to 33 inches between the arms. The seat depth ranges from 18.5 inches to 24 inches and from floor to seat the range is eighteen inches to 22.5 inches. This is about as customizable as one can get without creating the seat themselves. The weight capability is anywhere from 275 pounds to 700 pounds.

A reclining lift chair is actually a excellent bit of home healthcare equipment that you could get. For those with arthritis or diminished strength, being able to muster the strength to go from the seated to standing position can be a problem. A reclining lift chair alleviates the need for help from the care giver, which is a particular advantage in the event the care giver is also aged or otherwise not in a position to assist.

For information on these products or other home healthcare supplies and equipment, please visit our website @ www(dot)faircareshop(dot)com. If you have specific questions about any of the healthcare products we offer, feel free to either email us @ service@faircareshop.com or call Mon- Fri 9-5 CT 855.324.7273

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