What You Must Know About Pediatric Nursing

Searching for a nursing school is an enjoyable experience. You can feel the excitement within you while you imagine how it is to be on your “ideal” nursing school. Making this decision can also be challenging and stressful since getting into the best nursing school is a matter of huge importance that would contribute of course to your future career as a professional health practitioner. The working nurse becomes a life saver the moment she steps inside the hospital to work.

Pediatric nurses are health professionals that deal with the care of children as well as adolescent individuals. Typically, the settings vary and these nurses are exposed to different areas and are able to work in a flexible manner.

This area of specialization is best for those who love working with the little ones and do not mind putting a lot of effort, patience, and hard work in the job considering the fact that children tend to be very active and unruly at times. Experiences of pediatric nurses are unique every day since they get to meet different children and adolescents with different personalities.

What are the Important Functions of a Pediatric Nurse?

Every day, the assignments of pediatric nurses vary differently and may range from the checking or monitoring of vital signs, administering treatment regimen such as medications that may come in different routes (PO or IV), the provision of play therapy, therapeutic touch and communication, and the assisting of pediatricians with their plan of care.

The nurses should also collaborate with their patients’ families and provide education regarding home care to promote active involvement with the child or adolescent’s care. When pediatric nurses work in doctors’ offices, their work includes providing scheduled and needed vaccinations and well child check-ups. Most parents are very protective and concerned with their children and tend to ask a lot of questions. The nurse must answer them honestly and provide culturally-sensitive care and support.

Essential Skills and Qualities

Skills usually depend on the area where pediatric nurses prefer to work in. They should be flexible and able to healthily and positively deal with stress to prevent burnout. Assisting the patients throughout their illness state and listening to their individual concerns as a result of distress is very important. Being able to communicate therapeutically and being creative with health teachings and being clinically up-to-date with the latest trends through additional research reflects competence that is needed as a pediatric nurse.

o Do not merely base your decision on school rankings. Yes, rankings can provide a general picture of the school’s performance but it does not necessarily imply that the school would be enough to suit your needs. The nursing expert will have all the tools needed to extend quality health care.

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