Warning – The Truth Concerning Most Fish Oil

Most people feel all fish oil is alike, as a result they shop by cost. This is a big error, because the cheaper fish oil can in fact be dangerous. Let me explain…

There is a immense difference concerning low quality and premium fish oils. In fact the food grade brand names that you acquire in all retail stores could be contaminated with mercury in addition to additional toxins due to inferior processing techniques.

I believe you'll agree our world is polluted, and this includes the oceans the fish swim in. Fish oil must be processed to remove these toxins so you don't consume them. Sadly the cheaper varieties aren't processed in a way that removes all the mercury, lead in addition to PCB's. The perfect fish oil is pharmaceutical grade because it's ultra pure. It's processed to meet a good deal stricter standards than the food grade variety. It's the safest fish oil available because all traces of mercury as well as other contaminates have been removed.

The second difficulty with the low quality oils is the concentration. Most of them have approximately 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA (beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids) for each softgel. This requires you to take five pills a day to get the suggested 1500mg of EPA and DHA fatty acids necessary for verified health benefits. Why settle for this low amount when the new pharmaceutical grade provides the same amount in just 2 softgels. This maximum strength will provide you the results you're looking for.

There are a few additional details you'll want to know… Watch this video on this new advanced fish oil supplement now!

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