This Weird Sounding Herb From The Arctic Has Eliminated My Anxiety!

Rhodiola Rosea, what? Never read about it! That was my kind of reaction a few months back, me and health Supplements never really got on. I’ve always been more of a white wine type of gal! But wow I’ve been seriously won over.

So there I was stressed off the Richter scale, a relocation, brand new job and a new online business taking up my spare time. It’s pretty lucky I wasn’t getting separated too or else I reckon I would’ve exploded.

Anyway, a close friend of mine was talking about about Rhodiola Rosea and its amazing benefits. She is really into anything herbal and for once in my life I chose to open my mind, and i’m sure glad I did.

Call it the placebo effect, or whatever you want (who knows) but this herb truly works. I definitely feel a lot calmer and an unexpected yet extremely pleasant side effect has been that my sleeping has got vastly improved. I sleep all the way through the night now rather than waking up 2 or 3 times every night. The de-stressing effect took around 3 weeks to get started but the sleep improvement was overnight. It’s quite a pure extract so maybe that’s why it’s had the outcome it has.

I’ve learned a lot more regarding this herb since I started using it and found out many people even get it for Weight Loss, I’ve not experienced that fantastic side effect yet but a girl can hope, I’ll report back in the near future. Many people also maintain that it helps with their energy and makes them more effective at work.

Below is a bit more info on my favorite brand name, it’s on Amazon and I am a HUGE fan of Amazon due to their brilliant distribution and returns policy if anything at all goes wrong with the order.

If you are excited about cutting down stress and feeling that you have more oomph and mental focus then I cannot recommend Supernova Naturals Rhodiola Rosea Extract strongly enough.

Right, I’ve got my next order in, now I’m crossing my fingers for the miracle fat reduction side effect and I’m off to find a few doughnuts!

Learn more about this at rosea extract/

Sometimes known as an “adaptogen”, this botanical herb is found at high altitude in the arctic; it has been used in that region for hundreds of years to boost energy, adapt to stressful situations and enhance mood

Legend has it that the Norwegian Vikings would take Rhodiola to improve their physical strength and stamina, whilst Russian astronauts and Olympic competitors are reported to have used it – on the orders of the government!

What Can Rhodiola Rosea Do For You?

Historic uses for Rhodiola Rosea are numerous including:

– Stress
– Exhaustion
– Fatigue
– Mild anxiety
– General low mood
– Boosting endurance and physical strength
– Improving mental agility

Why Is Controlling Stress Vital For Overall Health?

It is generally accepted that elevated stress can have a undesirable impact on general health and in particular the immune system. A lot people cope with stress in the wrong way by eating too much or turning to drugs or alcohol.

Supernova Naturals Rhodiola Rosea Extract is a healthy alternative to eliminating moderate stress. No known side effects have been discovered.

Quality Guarantee

Supernova Naturals Rhodiola Rosea Extract is produced in America and manufactured according to strict Good Manufacturing Guidelines (GMP).

Our Supplements contain high quality, pure Rhodiola with no additives or fillers and are suitable for vegetarians.

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