5 Resistance Loop Exercises

On a lovely Wisconsin day, Lisa shows 5 exercises that use resistance band loops.

Resistance training adds variety to exercise routines and can offer an alternative to the gym for busy people. You use the tension inherent within the latex of the loop itself; rather than being a slave to gravity (as in weightlifting). This is why physiotherapists typically recommend resistance loops for people who need to safely recover from injuries.

Lisa starts with the lateral band walk, which works the hamstrings and thighs in particular. She proceeds to 2 standing exercises, the Hip Abduction and Hip Extension, great for toning hips and legs. The Seated Forearm pull does what it says for the lower arms as well as the biceps. Finally, the Seated Thigh Stretch works the hamstrings and thigh muscles.

There are virtually unlimited variations possible with resistance loop bands. They offer one more method to add strength and flexibility in the home, on the road, or on a budget.

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