The Benefits of Quality Orthotic Shoes

Bulky, ugly, boring orthopedic shoes is what often comes to mind when you think of orthotic shoes. Some of this is true, but some of it isn’t. While orthotic shoes are constructed to aid with certain foot conditions, they are essentially well cushioned, supportive, and highly comfortable shoes you can wear with or without foot pain. Beyond being comfortable shoes, orthotic footwear can actually help improve your walking gait. The best part is that there are even orthotic shoes that are just as stylish as any other casual walking shoe. If you suffer from foot pain or a condition like plantar fasciitis, or just want highly comfortable and supportive shoes, look for orthotic shoes with these features.

The best orthotic shoes feature a well defined arch for premium arch support. A solid, quality formed midsole with a contoured shape will give you the best arch support. The best arch support shoes are typically some of the best orthotic shoes. This will help reduce pain in the arch and can help with plantar fasciitis. Hours spent walking and standing on hard surfaces each day require good arch support whether or not you have a foot condition.

Heel Cushioning- To absorb the shock of impact and add stability as you move, a supported, cushioned heel is an essential quality to orthotic shoes. This feature is part of the footbed of the shoe and will help reduce the stress of impact as you walk, run, and stand. For plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions, this is an important feature in the shoe. Even with no foot pain, however, the cushioned heel will prove beneficial to centering and stabilizing your foot and maximizing comfort.

Flexible Toe Box- The forefoot of the shoe needs to be spacious enough to allow your toes to naturally splay as your feet swell throughout the day. This will keep the toes from getting cramped and will help ensure proper foot health as you walk throughout the day. This feature in orthotic shoes will also provide a more natural fit for the entire foot.

Breathable Materials and Cushioned Collar- The best orthotic shoes are constructed with lightweight, breathable materials for good air circulation. The level of cushioning in the collar of the shoe is also important for ankle support and comfort when moving across any surface. These features will help overall comfort as well as reduce daily foot pain.

From custom orthotic inserts to shoes for plantar fasciitis, there are many effective foot orthotics. The best orthotic shoes combine each of these qualities into a single anatomically correct shoe. Consider looking for shoes with these qualities whether or not you have foot pain.

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