Sublime Beauty Skin Brush, A Powerful Tool To Improve Health and Skin for Under $20!


Skin Brushing is an Ancient Practice That is Completely Modern! Dry skin brushing is simple to do and full of health benefits and beauty rewards.

Sublime Beauty offers a 6 page booklet about the benefits and How-To ideas for purchasers. The link to the booklet is available in a thank you email about a week after purchase of the Skin Brush.

– Dry Brushing will Remove Dead Cells from Your Skin & Allow it to Breathe

– Body Brushing will Support Much better Circulation

– Skin Brushing is a Detox Strategy to Support Your Lymphatic System

– Skin Brushing Helps You to Feel Better – Anxiety Management!

A long-handled, natural bristle brush is the only tool you need to improve how you feel – and in just 3-7 Minutes Per Day! Sublime Beauty® has picked the best skin brush.

Exactly what is the value of Skin Brushing? Why Practice it?

Your skin is your body’s largest body organ. About 1/3 of toxins are removed thanks to the skin. As we age, it is more challenging to expel the toxins and this triggers bad skin quality and puts a burden on various other body organs.

Daily Skin Brushing stimulates circulation, gets rid of those dead cells on the skin surface, and flushes below it. Your lymphatic systems belongs your immune system so basic brushing will support those systems. Skin brushing is also practical in cellulite management, softening deposits of difficult fat below the skin and preparing them for release.

Brush in the morning prior to a shower. Your skin should be dry! You could also brush prior to bed. Enthusiasts of Skin Brushing do both!


– Always brush dry skin, never ever moist skin.
– ALWAYS brush to the heart.
– Begin at your feet and use medium strokes, not pushing too hard so as to harm your skin & not too light so as to be ineffective.
– Remember to spend time under your arms as lymph nodes there will benefit your entire body. Skin will feel rejuvenated
– Avoid open sores naturally
– Do not brush your face.
– Have some water afterward.

Wash your dry skin brush with plain soap & water every few weeks – this is the only upkeep you will need.

Relatives should not share brushes – each should have their own!

Utilizing a dry skin brush every day is an easy, economical but powerful means to enhance your health.

Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®, is a fan and brushes every day. Men and women who skin brush concur that they feel better and look better within days. She has written a 6 page booklet that purchasers will receive, covering the benefits of Skin Brushing.

Heshelow looked for the right brush, one that has natural bristles and a long handle to reach everywhere, one that is light and simple to make use of. Because Sublime Beauty® offers cellulite items, a double-headed brush was picked so that the nubs can be utilized to massage the cellulite gel into the body easily.

Sublime Beauty® prefers to make use of because of its remarkable shipping and customer support.

Get yours now at brush/

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