Something To Consider When Purchasing Bikes And Their Gear

The Diamondback 29’er Mountain Bike looks tough with huge tires, big front shock and disc brakes. This bike is amazingly comfortable! This hard tail comes with 29-inch wheels and 24-speeds. It is built well enough for triathlon riding with its aluminum Overdrive hard tail frame. However, one would expect that the 8-speed trigger shifters would make it much easier to shift gears.

Rocks and tough trails are nothing to the Diamondback Overdrive 29’er. At $500 you can’t go wrong with this one. When shipment arrives, there is still some assembly required, but this is easily done with just a few tools. With a little tuning it will be ready to tackle the trails, parks, and streets.

All bikers know that protection is the key to staying safe while riding, and the Giro Aeon Road Bicycle Helmet is a good choice in biker head protection. All it takes is measuring to get the right fit, a few small adjustments, and place this light weight helmet on the head for proper fit. Additional comfort comes from the ample vents. It is easy to see the quality of workmanship that was involved with making this helmet with straps and padding that easily removes to be tossed into the washer for cleaning.

The price of The Giro Aeon Road Bike Helmet is a bit more than some, but let’s face it, you get what you pay for. It is well worth the price to have quality protection when you never know what it coming around the next corner. For those living in hot humid climates, this may be the right helmet because of all the venting and its light weight. Some say it feels as if there is nothing on their head, and the sweat just evaporates away.

The Schwinn Prelude Bicycle makes the perfect ride for serious commuters. This is a tough, light weight, and well-built bike. Speed means a lot when getting to and from work or moving around town. It may not look as appealing as some bikes, but it is worth the price.

The brake calipers on this Schwinn Prelude Bicycle help keep the tires centered, and it is well balances and easy to shift. Some drawbacks do exist on this bike, however. One that really stands out is the way the brakes are positioned. You lose precious milliseconds getting to the controls. It does take some assembly after taking this bike out of the box, and it is a bit complicated, and at times the chain rubs the frame. Nevertheless, this is a steal at $250. After all, what other adult bicycle can you get for under two hundred dollars?

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