Simple International Slow Cooker Dishes

Rachel Ryan’s Easy Slow Cooker Recipes Around the World has actually taken my taste buds on a tour of all things delicious. I never ever thought I would like some of the dishes – they simply seemed a bit too far fetched for someone as unwilling to try new things as me. Now, this cookbook is my kitchen bible. It is an unusual day when I can’t discover something from it to prepare for the family, and my kids enjoy the food, too – even though it is healthy!

The clear instructions and simple recipes made trying something new a simple and easy experience. There are also some unexpected treats, too. I never ever thought I could cook an egg dish in my slow cooker, or use it to make kitchen staples like marinara sauce. These recipes showed me the best ways to use my slow cooker in numerous ways that I had never ever imagined.

I am so pleased I purchased this book! Do yourself a favor – get a copy today. Buy a few extras, too – they make wonderful gifts!

Do you and your family get tired of eating the same meals week after week?

Maybe you’ve tried to change your routine, but are simply having a hard time discovering unique recipes. If this sounds like you, then this recipe book might be just what you have been looking for!

Filled with tasty ethnic recipes, this dish book will pull you out of your cooking rut and get you back on the right track to enjoying your meals once again.

In this recipe book you will discover a selection of ethnic dishes, from standard Italian favorites like Chicken Cacciatore and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce to African and Indian dishes you might never ever have heard of. You might discover after trying something like Chicken Tikka Masala that you have a taste for ethnic food and, before you know it, you will be cooking up a storm!

An additional wonderful thing about this book is that all the recipes can be made using your slow cooker. You do not have to invest hours preparing complex ethnic meals – in 30 mins or less you can fill your slow cooker with delicious ingredients, and return home from work to discover a hot, home-cooked meal that you will delight in.

The cookbook contains ethnic dishes from the following foods:.
Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian, French, Asian, African, and American. I hope you delight in these dishes as much as I do.

Rachel Ryan

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