Resistance Bands And The Side-Lying Leg Lift Workout

In this video, Faye demonstrates for us the Side-Lying Leg Lift, an exercise that is particularly useful for strengthening hips, thighs, and glutes.

Resistance bands and the subset seen here of resistance loops have soared in popularity in recent times. Casual exercisers have come to them because they are inexpensive, convenient, and highly effective for strengthening and toning. Hard-core athletes make use of them to focus on particular muscle groups to improve their chances of succeeding in their sport. Physiotherapists like resistance loop bands because they are a safe way to heal a range of ailments and injuries, and to develop and encourage greater flexibility in their patients, including the elderly.

Faye puts a SLEEK-TONE Resistance Loop around her ankles and lies on her side. With one leg anchored to the floor and her pelvis stable, she lifts her other leg against the band's resistance toward the ceiling, then slowly brings it back down. The resistance immediately met is fantastic for toning hips, thighs and glutes. Maybe for this reason, the Side-Lying Leg Lift is particularly popular with women. As she points out, SLEEK-TONE resistance loops are color-coded and each set offers 3 distinct levels of resistance according to the needs of the exerciser. Faye directs us to do ten repetitions and then turn over to do the same exercise with the opposite leg.

She finishes by stressing the convenience and elegant simplicity of resistance loop bands. You do not have to be at the gym or health club to work on strength and flexibility. You can get in your refreshing workout anyplace you find yourself!

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