Raised Toilet Seats With Lids And Elevated Seats Offer Convenience And Safety

Raised toilet seats with lids, bariatric seats, elevated toilet seats and other elevated toilet seats, for home bathroom care at home or for use at healthcare facilities provide additional safety and convenience to individuals with mobility problems or for anyone recovering from surgery or broken hip joints, hips, legs or pelvic fractures. Whether you need elevated or raised toilet seats for home use, or you are a buyer for a healthcare facility, raised and elevated toiled seats with lids are everyday-use products that provide added safety and convenience.

The Fair Care Shop sells home medical equipment and supplies to individuals and healthcare customers. You can compare equipment features, weight capacities, locks, and other options. Avoiding seat movement or slippage provides additional safety.

Options And Features To Consider When Buying Toilet Seats

Most elevated or raised toilet seats with or without lids generally work with existing toilet seats and equipment. Raised toilet seats can replace current seats, but many models are used to elevate toilet seats. This makes it is easier for people to get on to, or off of a toilet, regardless of whether your toilet has arms (there are many options for toilet seats with arms).

Many leading brands have affordable equipment options designed to fit standard or elongated toilets. A few options to consider when choosing raised toilet seats for standard toilets or portable commodes include:

• Weight capacity—standard models generally bear 250 lbs. to 300 lbs.
• Bariatric models frequently bear 500 lbs. for heavier, overweight or obese individuals—healthcare facilities may want to purchase these models since they cover most weight loads
• Many elevated or raised toilet seats have substantial warranties ranging from one year to limited lifetime warranties
• Convenience and comfort—this includes arm guards, armrests or grip guards; padding is available on some models
• Locks for elevated or raised toilet seats with lids; locking mechanisms ensure that the seat does not slip and the locks may be secure bolt designs
• Raised seats designed to fit standard, extra wide or elongated toilets (19” or 19 ½” are common sizes)
• “Elevators” or elevated seats generally fit under seats and lids
• Sloped elevated toilet seats (left or right slope design)—these are practical models and allow people recovering from hip, hip joint, leg or pelvic fractures (or surgeries) to use the toilet more easily; these models may be ideal for people with specific mobility problems
• Accessory items include vinyl toilet cushions, protective rails or grip guards

Bathroom Care Equipment To Meet Your Requirements

Regardless of the specific requirement (at a medical facility or for home use), raised toilet seats with lids, elevated toilet seats, accessories, or products for portable commodes help provide for a safe bathroom environment for anyone with mobility difficulties. FairCareShop dot com sells a variety of brands and models. Compare product listings, weight capacities, locks, and other features, so you can buy the best product to meet specific bathroom care requirements.

The Fair Care Shop stocks a wide range of bathroom care products, toilet seats with lids, portable commodes, transfer benches and other products designed to improve safety and convenience.

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