Muscle Building Secrets And Techniques Which Work Very Well

Truth be told there aren’t really any muscle gaining secrets, but these are some things to implement into your routine of you want to add muscle. Most people want to build up their muscle when they work out, the following are a few tips I have learned over the years that help me gain muscle when I need to.

Muscle Building Secret #1: Fatigue the Muscle With High Reps and High Volume

You would be surprised how many people get this wrong. If you want to see some quick muscle gains then lifting low reps is no good for you. There is something to be said for adding in low rep training for a strategic approach to gaining muscle…but this should just reinforce the muscle gained from higher rep, higher volume training. To build muscle quickly, check your ego at the door and aim for 6-15 reps for each set.

Muscle Building Secret #2: Keep Rest Periods Brief In Between Sets

If you want to know some real muscle building secrets then giving yourself low rest periods is one of them, the idea is to fatigue the muscle when working out. If you rest a long period of time in between each set, you will be able to lift more weight but you won’t fatigue the muscle as much. When you are serious about putting on muscle mass, every set should feel a lot harder than the first. The real aim is to feel weak at the end of a set, this is how you know you are heading in the right direction.

Muscle Building Secret 3: Avoid Breaks Between Reps

You probably notice the common theme about building fatigue. If you rest in between each rep even for just a brief moment, your muscle will experience less fatigue. If your goal was to build strength, then breaks in between reps would help you increase weight, which builds strength, but for gaining muscle, this is not productive.

Muscle Building Secret 4: Gaining Muscle has Less to do with Diet, and More to do with Training

There are studies that prove you can gain muscle even with a calorie deficit. You can overeat your way to gaining muscle. When you are doing a muscle building program, eat like you are trying to lose body fat. You want to train until your muscles are fatigued enough times that the body is forced to react and grow your muscles. This is the way you make your muscles grow. You want to be sure that your food intake is adequate for normal operation, but do not take in excessive amounts of calories.

You can benefit from following these useful suggestions when attempting to gain muscle, although they are not exactly considered muscle building secrets.

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