Mindful Weight Loss

You can get advice to lose weight anywhere. As can be expected, many people will set Weight Loss goals based on these, but only a rare few people can actually achieve their objectives. How does this happen? You set yourself up for failure in the beginning, when you took on goals that were unrealistic, and never had a chance of being fulfilled.

Your goal never had a chance, because you were already set up for failure before you even took the first step. The good news is that there are many ways to set achievable goals of which the most important are the following.

Be positive: Being overweight, obese or morbidly obese already entails negative views in modern society.

People don’t like the way they look by being overweight. Complications in your health coming from carrying way too many pounds, is a major concern for the health community. Setting goals is a positive thing, so don’t let your weight make you negative. You will never be able to get positive results with your goals, if you continue to live in negativity. When you look at your goals, especially with your Weight Loss program, you need to state everything in a positive light. Negativity kills more goals and dreams than pretty much anything, so work hard on keeping you mind accentuating the positive. Focusing on your progress will keep you positive. You need to take the negative out of your life, and put a positive spin on everything, such as focusing on what you like about a person, instead of focusing on what you don’t like. Another way of saying this is that you are not going to be a couch potato, say you are going to exercise for 15 minutes today. People have choices, and when they open their mouth, they can say something positive or something negative, but a positive word is better. Fix measurable goals: You should combine the quantity aspect to the quality factor of your goals. By doing this, it can assist you in many ways including an objective measurement of your progress. For example, instead of setting a goal to lose weight (quality), add the number of pounds you want to lose (quantity) within a certain amount of time. Or instead of aiming at lesser food consumption (quality), go for one extra serving of vegetables, fruit or salad This is one way you can track your progress.

Be aware of your progress: You will need a way to monitor your progress, from the first step of your Weight Loss program until you complete your Weight Loss goal. One way would be a diary where you can record your targets and actual results. That may just be a simple notebook with written entries or a computerized database – whatever you prefer. You can also include other kinds of entries such as lessons learned, motivation methods and even some mistakes you might have made. Think of it as building on your gains.

In the process of setting goals to lose weight, You need to be smarter in what you want to achieve. Sit down, write down the goals and then polish these goals so as to make them realistic and achievable for you and what you want to accomplish.

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