Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs For Healthcare Facilities & Individual Patients

Lightweight Wheelchairs Folding are essential equipment for individuals with mobility issues. Transport wheelchairs are also required equipment for use at clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities or even at hospices. When choosing wheelchairs for a patient or for use at a healthcare facility, be sure to consider the requirements of the individual patient in order to help you determine the best medical supply equipment for the situation.

FairCareShop dot com stocks many styles of lightweight transport wheelchairs from many manufacturers. We can help you choose the best medical equipment supplies for specific transport requirements.

Transport Wheelschair Equipment Categories and Options

Lightweight transport wheelchairs fall into several equipment categories based on end-user requirements. A good way to review styles, options and accessories from several manufactures is to review the wheelchair selections available through e-commerce stores run by medical supply companies or distributors. General transport wheelchair categories include:

• Manual mobility (usually lightweight transport wheelchairs propelled by the patient)
• Power mobility (usually for individual patients more than for healthcare facilities)
• Bathroom care wheelchairs for showers
• Commodes/incontinence care chairs (wheelchairs with a commode option)
• Patient wheelchairs
• Physical therapy wheelchairs
• Fitness wheelchairs

Some additional factors to consider when determining the best lightweight transport wheelchair(s) to meet your current needs include:

• Overall lightweight construction with a sturdy frame
• Powered wheelchairs (usually a heavier chair) with folding seat
• Lightweight construction for long-term, individual patient use
• Patient propelled wheelchairs or manual mobility
• Durable seats with the necessary support (a consideration for overweight patients or facilities caring for patients with a wide range of weights)
• Fabric, upholstery or vinyl that is easy to sanitize
• Extendable, foldable foot rigging with other accessories
• Adjustable supports (back supports or neck supports)
• Chair seat depth (a major consideration for facilities use or for an individual patient)
• Locking mechanisms for back wheels, casters or even for tippers (an extra set of small, extendable wheels/wheel bars to prevent tipping)
• Adjustable arm rests or elevated arms
• Total wheelchair weight
• Commode wheelchairs/incontinence chairs
• Water-resistant/waterproof materials or shower wheelchairs
• Storage and additional accessories

Wheelchairs for Showers and Bathrooms

Consider end-user needs and other options when buying lightweight transport wheelchairs. Many lightweight wheelchairs with water-resistant or waterproof seats and backs are essential tools for patient mobility in open showers or for use in a bathroom. A few chair model options for end-user needs for mobility in wet areas or showers include:

• Commode chairs or incontinence chairs
• Bath and shower wheelchairs
• Reclining bath wheelchairs
• Waterproof wheelchairs and fabric for showers
• Standing chairs or elevated angle chairs for easy showering
• Transfer benches and grab bars to help a patient get into a bath or shower

Contact the Fair Care Shop for Lightweight Folding Transport Wheelchairs for healthcare facilities or for individual use.

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