Advocare 24 Day Challenge-Helped Me Win a Weight Loss Contest

If you’re anything like me you would have never given the Advocare 24 Day Challenge a second thought when it comes superb weight-loss and overall well being. Well I am privileged enough to state that I utilized the 24 Day Challenge and it has actually changed my life for the better.

The Business I work for has been putting on a friendly challenge each month for every one of its employees. The employee that loses the most weight for their body type will win a reward for that month. I have actually been taking on my co-workers since January but didn’t win until May.

I was losing weight but not nearly enough to set me ahead to win the bonus. I finally broke free with the help of the 24 day Challenge and was able to surpass my co-workers and win.

I am a skeptic when it pertains to Vitamins and shakes for healthy living so I was actually surprised with how effective and simple it was to utilize the 24 Day Challenge. I bought my 24 day Challenge from an Amazon seller, a business called Faultless OGS. They sold it for far less than what you would pay by purchasing it straight from Advocare or one of their distributors and they had a better client service too.

I utilized their 5 Star Coaching Service together with the 24 Day Challenge instructions and a goals book that they provided, which made my planning much simpler. They kept me in contact with an Advocare Consultant who helped me establish a Weight Loss regimen. With the combined effect of using the Supplements from the 24 Day Challenge and having an outstanding customer support and coaching service to talk with, I was able to lose 15lbs in just over three weeks.

So if you’re anything like me and actually want to begin living a healthier life, I suggest counting on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge to Jump start your weight-loss and start a brand-new you. I am sure glad that I did.

Drop Weight Effectively And Healthfully

-There’s always an Advocare health expert to help you in dominating your Weight Loss goals

– Top Rated Weight-Loss Program

– 5 Star Service Each time

Advocare is blazing a trail when it pertains to healthy living and weight-loss. They have a wide range of different Supplements which have all been shown to be extremely effective and safe. The 24 Day Challenge is no exception; in reality, it is a mix of the most innovative Supplements created by Advocare for weight-loss. With your 24 Day Challenge you can anticipate 5 Star Service from Advocare representatives who will guide you through your weight-loss journey With this bundle you will receive every little thing you need to start towards a healthier life style.

Each 24-Day Challenge consists of: One box of Herbal Cleanse-Citrus, One bottle of OmegaPlex (Essential Omega Fatty Acids), One box of Spark-Mandarin Orange and one box of Spark-Fruit Punch (Enhanced Energy and Focus), One box of MNS – Max 3.

Advocare takes pride in developing a relationship with their customers. There is no exception when purchasing your 24 challenge from us. We will put you in contact with an Advocare adviser who has numerous hours in assisting customers create a healthier lifestyle and prosper in their weight-loss goals. We also include a booklet which will describe in detail how to utilize your 24 Day.

We Guarantee This To Be Effective Or Your Money Back. (You won’t find a better guarantee on these products)

Do not Wait Any Longer, Order Today And Begin Living A Healthier Life Tomorrow.

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