Kettle Corn And Caramel Corn Make Excellent Munchies For Your Pantry

This week I had the impulse to test new treats because I was getting sick and tired with the same old thing in my kitchen. At the grocery store I passed by some kettle corn and considered that might be a good snack to try out. I then thought some caramel corn can be terrific too. It was a while since I had either of those plus they both seemed delicious.

I cherished the taste on the kettle corn. It had the popcorn taste with a seasoning of sugar plus a hint of salt. It was a wonderful mixture of flavours and “hit the spot” for me personally. It is the perfect snack when you’re in the mood for something light and wholesome.

When I checked out the nutrition label I became amazed at how healthy and balanced it absolutely was. I needed to look online to ensure information. I became really amazed at what I found. Popcorn, the primary ingredient in kettle corn, contains protein and fiber. If you are looking for antioxidants kettle corn has a great deal of polyphenols. Because it is lightly seasoned, it is also lower in calories and lower in fat.

I shared a bag with my children and they all treasured the taste. While I spelled out the health rewards they couldn’t believe that a snack that tastes so good had some very nice health rewards. They promptly asked where I got myself the kettle corn. I suggest you buy healthy kettle corn as a excellent wholesome snack alternative.

The caramel corn had great expectations to meet. I love my mom’s selfmade caramel corn, which has been a holiday custom for a long time, and I felt like nothing could quite match it. In particular as most store brands have rock solid caramel that tastes more like Cracker Jacks. While i took a mouthful I was happily surprised at how soft the caramel corn was in my mouth. Rather then being hard and crispy it absolutely was soft and chewy. The caramel flavor was great at the same time.

I needed to share some with my mom. She could hardly believe there was a brand which had such a soft caramel. She set out to the kitchen to produce her selfmade batch just to make sure hers still tasted better. It absolutely was a close call nevertheless the homemade version had a moderate edge. I became pleased how close the store-bought caramel corn arrived at my mother’s recipe.

Because soft caramel corn does contain popcorn they have the nutritional rewards spelled out above, yet it’s also soaked in caramel. So it has higher calories and fat content. It is definitely not a healthy snack like the kettle corn. However it constitutes a great treat if you are in the mood for some thing a bit sweeter.

I had been happy with both goodies and thrilled to include them to my kitchen. I strongly suggest both. The kettle corn constitutes a great snack for anybody looking for a balanced snack alternative. The caramel corn is fantastic for those of you who enjoy a sweeter goody once and in a while.

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