Just What Does Online Responsibility Have To Do With Marketing?

Is Green Marketing a Deluxe Item?

Green Marketing has so far been loosely defined; no one definition has taken hold although many have tried as evidenced by numerous variants on the World Wide Web. Initially defined to refer to the advertising of products that had some sustainability component or ecology minded purpose, this time the term has expanded and seemingly been subsumed by the overriding notion of ‘socially responsible advertising” and this by induction as a subset of Corporate social responsibility. social responsibility marketing now includes advertising companies that not only have a “green” product for purchase but choosing those companies that conduct business in a socially responsible way. The dilemma for the socially responsible advertising firm and possibly the world at large is that green marketing budgets have been shown to fluctuate with the durability of the economy. This makes the socially responsible marketers’ job a bit harder because they can regrettably expect a decrease in overall advertising dollars from their “green” clients whenever the economy takes a dip. In other words a commitment to socially responsible advertising requires a commitment that may feel extremely hard for some companies to prepare.

So where does the socially responsible advertising companies job end? Should the advertising firm bear the burden of considering the impact of their client’s long term company strategy? Do marketers need to break out of their common character as lead generators and become arbiters and possibly consultants to their clients long range ethical plan. Should social responsibility become a part of your very own advertising plan?
The answer is a resounding yes; a commitment to social responsibility has confirmed to feel a winner ultimately for the bottom line. Surprising studies have shown that 51% of consumers will to reward a socially responsible business by giving them their business and 52% replied they would cover a premium to reward a socially responsible business. Just what this says to us is that regardless of cyclical fluctuations in the economy social responsibility is another tool in the kit of the smart and medical travel marketing.

By extending this argument the corporation or small company that wishes to take advantage of this good will should be on the lookout for a business that leads in the arena of social responsibility advertising. A business that brings more than lead generation to the table and has the social consciousness to assist contour the long number planned plan of a business with green intentions. Marketing companies that set themselves apart with this important distinction tend to be truly laying the foundation for a better world.

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