How To Determine Whether Chrysanthemum Flower Tea is Free Of Pesticides?

As I am a frequent chinese chrysanthemum tea drinker, I make certain I consume great high quality tasting Chrysanthemum tea, and totally pesticide free loose tea. loose tea is a great thing in my life that must not be harmful in any way. Consuming loose tea with some degree of pesticides is harmless in the short term, but it might negatively affect your body in the long-term. Do not allow any risk and always to consume pesticide free loose leaf teas by knowing a few elements. Below are the most crucial elements to make sure that you get loose tea that is totally pesticide free:

1. Tea Region: One of the most crucial elements in locating pesticide free loose tea is to know from which region the loose tea is from. There are some great tea regions like the West Lake region close to Hangzhou or the Wuyishan region in Fujian province that make really higher quality loose tea. Farmers from these locations normally aim for the very best and steer clear of using any pesticides.

2. Altitude: Chrysanthemum tea grown from higher mountain tops normally have decreased possibility of pesticides. When chinese flowering teas are grown in higher temperature tea regions, the farmer has to make certain insects are don’t come close to their precious chinese flower teas plants. Consequently they often can not resist the use of pesticides. When higher in mountains, the temperatures are lower, and consequently much less insects attack the farmer’s tea plants.

3. Season: Spring chinese flower teas are normally more often totally pesticide free for the very same explanation as point 2. As the temperatures are lower than the summer season, the farmer doesn’t have to apply pesticides to fend of insects.

4. Listen to your taste buds: If you discover a tea which tastes soapy or you merely dislike the chinese flower teas, it is really probable the tea consists of greater levels of pesticides than other teas…discard directly.

5. Buy premium chinese flower teas: These teas are harvested in spring most likely. In spring, it is early season and insects are not as a huge concern as in mid-summer season. Also, the leaves getting younger, they have much less time to absorb any chemical substances that could be present in the ground. One of my preferred on-line tea shop for Chrysanthemum tea and other chinese flower teas is Teasenz. They source there teas straight from farmers and pack them fresh in China prior to they ship.

If you follow the rules above, you can practically be one hundred percent assured that you will acquire Chrysanthemum tea that is totally pesticide free. In addition, don’t forget that {in the end it is not merely about dodging chemicals. When tea lovers follow the rules above, tea lovers will also end up with higher quality tea that just tastes much better.

Feel totally free to leave a comment if there are any questions. Also leave a comment if you feel that I have missed an crucial factor.

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