How Many People Understand Fats?

A bit back I was in a restaurant with a lady friend who remarked that she would have liked a salmon meal, but she had heard that salmon was full of polyunsaturated fats.

For those of you who don't know, polyunsaturates are likewise referred to as 'essential fats'. So called due to the fact that they are not only good for you but they are essential for your continued good health.

It occurred to me at that time that probably extremely few people actually understand the difference between the different types of fat that we eat; which benefit you and which are bad. The issue is compounded by the fact that, with the exception of trans fats, you require them all to some extent.

Moreover, nutritional experts like to disagree over the function of saturates. There are books out there that will tell you that you can eat all the cream and butter that you like, just as long as you are not consuming refined sugars at the exact same time. Others say that saturated fats need to be limited whether you eat sugar or not.

Another issue is the word 'saturated' when applied to fats. It gets mentioned in every write-up that you will ever read on the topic of fats, but nobody says exactly what it implies. 'Saturated with exactly what?' you may ask.

The reason that it is never ever discussed is that extremely few people, outside of the seriously medically trained, actually understand exactly what it means. It relates to the way that molecules are bonded together in those types of fats. Nuff said.

With all of this in mind I searched the web for a good, easy video that would makes some sense of fats; something that we can readily absorb and remember. Right here is my favorite.

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