Grand Rapids Karate and Martial Arts Schools in Allendale And Standale is now open

Looking for a Karate School or Martial arts classes near Grand Rapids Michigan? Standale Karate and Fitness is the perfect place with locations In Allendale and Standale. Both locations near Grand Rapids Michigan, conveniently in and Allendale and Standale off Lake Michigan Drive. Master Rick and his wife Jan have been running Standale Karate for over twenty years. Jan is the Business Director of the school. Jan is devoted to helping kids and families that attent the school. Her strong belief that Standale Karate is a family and Standale karate is not just a business, its clearly evident this is more than a Karate School since the school focuses on the details that help every student reach their full potential. This is a family friendly Karate School with something for everyone.

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