Glycolic 10% Cream

Glycolic Acid, referred to as hydroxyacetic acid, is actually a natural substance obtained from sugar cane. It has a unique ability to penetrate the skin, so it’s often utilized for chemical peels. It has a number of other skin treatment uses, but really should not be used at full strength for its corrosive properties.

Chemical Peels

The key use for glycolic acid is in chemical peels. When used in this manner, glycolic acid treatment helps speed the exfoliation of the dead skin cells with top surface of the skin. Once this layer is taken off, a much more vibrant-looking layer with fewer wrinkles is revealed, thereby giving the face a much more youthful appearance. Some dermatologists feel that the product helps stimulate collagen production, so regular use could result in firmer skin.

Age Spot Eradication

Glycolic acid can also help remove liver spots that sometimes develop as a person matures. This often is undoubtedly an additional advantage to obtaining a chemical peel because liver spots are normally only present at the top layer of skin. Once this layer is exfoliated, the liver spots are usually removed simultaneously. They could return later, so many individuals go for cream made with this ingredient instead. These will take longer to product results, but normally provide longer-lasting ones usually.


Patients who are suffering from acne can benefit from using glycolic acid. When applied topically, the product will work beneath the skin, removing dead skin cells which might also contain pimples. It also helps clear the pores to ensure that fewer blemishes are likely to develop. Glycolic acid is also perfect for decreasing the appearance of acne scarring, since dead tissue at the top layer of these is removed whenever this product is applied. People who choose this procedure for the treatment of acne should talk to a dermatologist, as utilizing the right concentration is critical and keep from damaging your skin.

Overall Benefits

There are many advantages to using glycolic acid that all users typically notice. One is it is likely to clean the pores and help reduce their overall size. This leads to better skin tone, as impurities are removed to reveal significantly more healthy and glowing skin. Lots of people also report moister skin because glycolic acid can help water within the dermis bind more tightly together. An improved complexion is in addition a benefit, because substance tends to soften imperfections and lighten scars.


Since glycolic acid happens to be an irritant, people should take care to not ever use high concentrations of the product, as doing this could result in redness and irritation. Someone who has especially sensitive skin may well be at risk from redness or swelling in the region where the product was applied. Even though it is a great all natural product, it shouldn’t be ingested, as doing this could irritate the digestive system. The product really should not be employed for a protracted amount of time simply because it can cause the losing of an excess quantity of skin tissue.

People who are considering glycolic acid to treat skin problems can find it is really an effective means of exfoliating the dead skin cells. Before starting a skin care regimen, it is important to know how to utilize this product effectively in order to achieve ideal results as safely as is possible.

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