Standale Karate Video Testimonials from Allendale

Standale Karate and fitness has opened up a new location in Allendale! We are a friendly martial arts and Karate school with Martial Arts Classes Allendale and Standale. The Standale Karate and Fitness school is a friendly Karate and fitness school that has something for everyone.

Trouble with your children focusing, obeying, following instructions the first time they’re told? We have Adult and Kid classes that teach value strength, courage, discipline, vision and respect. The skills obtained will be a mixture of Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Karate, Self Defense, Weapons, Kids weapons training and Free Sparring. We hope to hear or see you soon. Feel free to stop on in or give us a call. We have locations in Allendale and Standale near the Grand Rapids Area.

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