Five Top Health Screenings Recommended By Doctors

Health screenings requested by staff at Urgent Care in Wisconsin or other facilities may detect indicators of potential problems that can be averted. There are some situations that give no indication of a problem within the body.Addressing any situation immediately slows or stops progression of the disease.

Blood pressure

Measuring blood pressure is one of the easiest health screening methods. Air is pushed into the cuff by hand or machine, resulting in the cuff tightening around the upper arm.It can be a bit scary to feel how tight the band gets till released. Systolic pressure is recorded when the sound of blood pulsing is heard. Diastolic pressure is recorded when the sounds disappear. High blood pressure can lead to medical problems such as stroke and kidney failure.


Health risks of high cholesterol, caused by providing too much bad cholesterol for the body to use, include angina and hardening of the arteries.High cholesterol is not identified by any symptoms, which is why doctors such as those at Walk in Clinic in Milwaukee often include it in a health screening. Some centers request the person to lie down while blood is drawn.A needle is inserted in the vein and blood collected in several small vials for the lab to perform tests.


The body creates an insulin hormone to convert blood sugar to energy for the cells. A lack of insulin causes diabetes, which results in damage to the nerves, eyes and other parts of the body. The results of a screening based on fasting levels allows the doctor to determine the best method for helping the patient. When unable to find a vein that will release blood, opening and closing the fist can help.A small rectangular adhesive patch may be used to cover the entry area for the needle.The doctor receives the information once the analysis is completed.

Women have two types of health screenings designed to recognize warning signs of cancer.

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is caused by a slow-acting virus called HPV that turns normal cells into unhealthy ones riddled by cancer. The Pap smear involves lying down on a table and putting the feet into stirrups to give the doctor access to the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus. Cell samples are taken from the cervix in this examination and sent to the lab for evaluation. The lab prepares a response of the doctor whether the findings are positive, negative or need further sampling.The ability to treat cancerous cells before they spread further is a wonderful benefit.

Breast cancer and X-rays

A mammogram is used to detect tumors or changes in the breasts that indicate a possible problem. Medical professionals such as those at Milwaukee Urgent Care refer patients for this type of X-ray as one of the normal health screenings for women.The technician adjusts the machine and then the patient, putting one breast in position on the lower plate so it can be X-rayed. The X-ray is taken after the plates close tightly to include the breast and surrounding area. Then the other side is X-rayed in the same fashion. The uncomfortable feeling goes away quickly. The test is over with quickly and provides your doctor with a visual record of any problems.

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