Finding A Addiction Medical Detoxification Program

If you or someone you know suffers from an addiction to drugs they may experience what is known as withdrawal when they stop using the drugs. This can cause great struggle within the body that result in severe symptoms and reactions. These symptoms are most painful during the first few days after a person gets off of drugs or alcohol. It is suggested that people who are getting off drugs seek medical intervention that can curtail the effects of withdrawal. Medical detox can be a very helpful tool to allow people to end their drug addiction.

Getting Off Drugs

Usually, medical detox takes about a week to fully complete. However, sometimes it can take up to two weeks. This time period, if not carefully managed, can lead to long term health problems. There are some drugs that cause much worse withdrawal symptoms than others. Alcohol, Xanax, heroine, and opioids are all drugs that can be very painful to get off of.

Where You Can Detox

Normally, this type of medical detoxification takes place in a treatment center or hospital setting. Also, there are residential treatment facilities that handle withdrawal and detoxification in house. It is good if people going through a detoxification process have constant supervision. This way if any problems arise there will be a doctor there to take care of them. Your doctor will be able to tell you which of these detox options may be right for you.

Potential Harm

If a person attempts to quit drugs all at once, without medical help, they can do serious damage to themselves. Not only can they do physical damage to their bodies, but they can also experience severe mental distress when the stop getting the drugs their used to. This is another reason it is vital to seek medical help when you get off of drugs or alcohol.


Medical detox facilities can also offer counseling sessions for patients. This provides a constructive activity for individuals to take part in while they are going through their detox. It also helps to share these experiences with people who are going through the same situation as you are. People who have drug addictions can learn a lot about their behavior by listening to other addict.

When it comes to addiction medical detoxification there are many different options. Choosing the right one for you should be a decision made between you and your doctor. However, no matter which treatment option you choose, it is imperative you stay with it until the end. That way you will have the best chance of not falling back into your substance abuse. Choosing a medical detoxification program is a very important step in recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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