All About Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation, colonic cleaning or colonic treatment is a process whereby feces and toxins are done away with from the intestinal tracts through water irrigation. Warm filtered water is purged by means of the installation of a special tube inside the rectal area to help eliminate feces. The use of special massage procedures over the abdominal areas will aid in releasing the gathered feces. Professionals state that the procedure could offer discomfort to the patient but it is not unpleasant. The procedure is additionally odourless for the patient and the one who is performing the colonic irrigation.

The past of colonic irrigation antedate throughout the time of old Egypt. The use of colonic irrigation was tape-recorded on a piece of papyrus from 14th century BC. This piece of past is now risk-free in the Royal Museum of Berlin, Germany. The Ebers papyrus explained the various techniques on ways to do colonic irrigation or injection. The papyrus additionally showed that Egyptians believed that their gods presented using this method to them. It is additionally tape-recorded that several Egyptians consistently practiced this procedure to dispel excrements and as a solution for 20 various kinds of stomach problems. The Egyptians were so eager in undergoing regular colonic irrigation. As a result of this practice, a man called Herodotus in 484 BC tape-recorded this across the country fixation in his writings. He explained on his writings that “The Egyptians clear themselves on 3 consecutive days, on a monthly basis, looking for after health by emetics and injections for they believe that all condition involves man from his food.”.

Individuals who encourage the practice of colonic irrigation based their beliefs on the idea of autointoxication. This idea can be mapped back from old Egyptians and for a long time, individuals of various societies throughout the century counted on this idea. The idea of autointoxication states that the by-product from the food that has not been correctly digested can create the physique injury by poisoning it and for this reason causing all sorts of conditions. It was throughout the 19th century when the idea of autointoxication was brought in to prominence and was approved as one of the bases of medicine.

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