Effective Methods To Stop Cold Sores


If you have ever experienced a cold sore than you know that they are painful and annoying and ugly. Also known as fever blisters cold sores are small clusters of blisters that often appear around the lips and mouth. There are various stages of a cold sore that unfold over the course of two weeks.

Cold sores are brought about by the herpes simplex virus or HSV. So how does one get the HSV virus you may ask? One should be well aware that the HSV virus is extremely contagious. So, if someone with a cold sore touches the blisters, kisses someone or shares utensils than it is more than likely that the herpes virus has been passed on. Some stages of a cold sore are more infectious than others, for example, the weeping stage of a cold sore is the stage most likely to spread infection.

The initial symptoms of a cold sore can include swollen glands in your neck but the most common symptoms are tingling or burning sensations around the infected area. Often the region of infection may feel numb. Some people may have the HSV virus but wont experience symptoms for quite some time. Blisters will begin to show themselves after the tingling or numbness. The blisters will then pop and an unsightly scab will form. During this stage of the cold sore many people feel extremely embarrassed as the sore is quite apparent.

A cold sore outbreak has the ability to get much worse if it is not take care of properly. Often the infection can spread to other areas of the face causing longer healing time and more pain. It is critical that you don’t pick at the scab and it always keep it clean. Not only will this make spreading the HSV virus more likely but it could make the outbreak much much worse.

Check out getting rid of a cold sore. There is no cure for herpes but thankfully there are some great medications that can reduce the severity of a cold sore and relieve some of the pain. There are various ointments such as Orajel or Abreva that can speed up the healing time by a day or two. The amount of cold sore outbreaks can be limited by taking a variety of herpes treatments.

Herpeset is one of these great treatments. Its an all natural homeopathic product that works to relieve pain and speed the healing time. Check out herpeset review.

Some examples of very effective home remedies are lemon, salt, apple cider vinegar and garlic. These items are all very easy to find at home and can help soothe the pain and speed the healing time. Remedies like salt can be used in the early stages of a cold sore but once the blisters have popped it will only cause a lot of pain and stinging.

Apple cider vinegar should also only be applied to a closed sore but if applied early on in a cold sore it can rapidly speed the healing time. Garlic also acts to bolster the immune system and helps stop more infection.

It is important to determine what the potential triggers of a cold sore are so that they can be avoided. People get cold sore outbreaks for a variety of reasons. Things that can cause an outbreak are weather, hormone imbalances or injury.

Overall cold sores are quite a pain as there is no cure. There is no magic fix it solution and healing takes time. Just because there is no outright cure does not mean that the cold sore will not heal quicker with the use of some choice remedies. Cold sore are a trying ordeal but with some patience they will go away.

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