Easy Slow Cooker Recipes For Busy Moms (Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes)

This book is so easy to make use of! I love it. My copy is on my Android phone, due to the fact that I want to have the ability to source the dishes when I shop. Before I purchased it, my crockpot was gathering dust. Now I use it a minimum of twice a week. The selection of meals is outstanding, too.

I like how the author includes little descriptions of each recipe, along with the nutritional details. It really makes using a cookbook enjoyable, and I know my household is eating healthy as a result. Seeing the nutritional info has actually been eye-opening, too. I discovered that some items I used to avoid are actually healthy – like butter! Its the quantity that you use that matters.

My son is just barely 1, and while he can eat every little thing, he frequently won’t. The dishes in this book catch his attention, though. He actually scarfed down a full serving of turkey curry (I tossed it in the blender)! How’s that for child friendly?
Trust me. Get a copy of this book today. Your life, and your kitchen, will never ever be the same!

Modern mothers are constantly bouncing from location to location. After school activities, work, physician’s visits, even day-to-day errands get in the way of the capacity to prepare a nutritious and delicious meal for the family. Before you head through the drive thru, consider a healthier alternative – your slow cooker!

Slow cookers are the most ignored and valuable kitchen appliance in the contemporary home. Almost everybody has one, however a lot of people don’t recognize the versatility of slow cookers. This recipe collection provides a brief introduction to exactly what these devices can do. The dishes consist of ingredients found in a lot of kitchens and pantries, and produce delicious and healthy results.

The goal of feeding a family is offering healthy food that you can feel good about preparing and serving. Processed foods ad fast food are easy answers, however their Vitamins and mineral value is lower, and their sodium content is typically much higher than home-cooked meals. This collection tries to provide a broad selection of choices making use of very few processed items. That said, there are some items such as soup stocks and tomato sauce that are utilized. As a result, I have actually included a brief prologue with some basic dishes for kitchen staples that you can make ahead.

Each recipe was prepared in our test kitchen. Each recipe includes a picture of the actual recipe that was prepared.

The dishes in this report ask for ‘large’ eggs by default, and unless a prepared component is specified, all items are to be incorporated in the raw state. Considering that this is a family and diet friendly cookbook, none of the dishes make use of lard, pork, or alcohol. Significant irritants such as peanuts and berries are also mainly avoided.

Each recipe includes the following areas:

Quick description.
Number of Servings.
Prep Time.
Cooking Time.
Nutritional Info.
Preparing tips [where proper]

Relax for a while. Review a book, enjoy a TV program, go for a walk; good food doesn’t need to make you a slave to your stove!

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