Drinking Water – Detoxification & Healthy Benefit to High Fructose Drinks

The Water You’re Drinking – Before Bottled Water we had a Garden Hose (Detox) Series
Are you drinking lots of water?

– Do you think drinking coffee or soda pop is everything you need for liquids in your body?
– Do you see how often dehydration is the underlying cause of disease?
– Do you just know water that is bottled is safe?

Inside this needed guide on Water you will encounter how to:Test your Water, Choose a Water Filter, Pick the Best Bottled Water, Drink the Right amount of Water for your body type and weight, Drill a Well.

“Chuck covers different aspects of water, the importance of drinking clean water and my favorite part – how to dig your own water well!” D. Friedman

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” Henry David Thoreau

“Water the soul of the earth” Robert A Swanson

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Why is water important? The main question and chapter in Chuck Morris’ Detox Series book, The Water You’re Drinking – Before Bottled Water we had a Garden Hose, is a topic we all should be thinking about. When I was a child in the 1950’s, if you related to me I would be finding water in a bottle in 30 years, I would have laughed in your face. Now when I desire a drink of water I have to find a bottle of water just to be sure the water is sanitary. Water is one of the things we cannot continue without so that makes it important even if we wish to ignore what has happened.

Now that I choose not to drink from a water hose, purifying water becomes trouble and it is well reviewed in The Water You’re Drinking. How and why to clean water, how to find a water filter, are two important topics in the book’s chapters. Why we even have bottled water at all. How useful are all these new vitamin waters that have taken over the rows of shelves in the stores? Read about distilled water and its benefits in your health. He even includes a page on drilling a well for your own property.

What this book really tries to stress is that the quantities of water you drink has a lasting effect on your health. In order to have a healthy lifestyle you need to down a large amount of water everyday. To detox your body you need to drink water as a part of any cleansing program, about 8 to 10 12 oz glasses a day.

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