Description Of The Superfood Acai

It frequently happens that something worthwhile remains undiscovered for a long while. It sits esoterically within a stated confine only to be realized by the human civilization centuries after it should have been. What Is Acai Berry

Such has been the case with Acai palm berry, the purple fruit from the Amazon rainforests. It is commonly known as Euterpe in its native parts. This suggests source of delight. The name appears ideal, keeping in mind the infinite bounties it has passed on to generations of Brazilians and Chileans.

Acai palms grow lavishly in the flood fields and marshy areas of Amazon rainforests. Its genus contains 6 more species of palms. Euterpe is tall, thin palm rising to a particular height of 15-30 meters. It has pinnate leaves growing up to 3 meters. The specie Euterpe oleracia is fondly known as Acai Palm.

Brazil is one of the highest Acai berry cultivating areas. Brazil is famous for its forests, which are the primary source of these berries. For areas round the Amazon also, the berries can be acquired at comparatively cheaper rates. For other states, the berries have to be transported with care. There aren’t any known substitutes for the manual work required to harvest acai berry, and it’s all done by hand.

  • Fights Low energy levels
  • Helps in Digestion
  • Standing against vision impairment

What’s acai berry? Acai Palm Berry is touted by many as the fruit of the century. It is tapped by many northern US and western european states for making product derivatives. After having siphoned off the fruit from the Amazonian forests, many western countries are making the best of it. They’re advertising it as master drug for fast Weight Loss.

Acai has been quintessential in bringing many positive changes in the lives of American and western european individuals. It is hailed as an elixir for all the right reasons. Acai is being increasingly mingled with white tea to form a great health product. In truth both are in possession of healing values and their combination is worth considering.

Acai is a champion product as so many have witnessed. In its natural form, the wholesome, delectable fruit is a mine of energy. It contains diverse mono-saturated oils like Omega 3 and Omega 6. Further, it has polyphenols, a lot many urgent amines and Minerals. Glaringly it has the mandatory carbs and Minerals just as well and that too in generous quantities.

Each part of the Acai tree, as discussed earlier, has great medical worth. Usually, the products made of Acai trees are food items that are proven to provide instant relief from a couple of infirmities. Apart from fighting illnesses, the food items prepared using Acai elements also offer resistance from different diseases.


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