Constipation in Children is More Than Painful, Prune Juice Can Help

Severe constipation in children is more than a nightmare for parents. They know that they should do something fast so that their children will feel better quickly. However, it is never a good idea to use harsh chemical laxatives on children’s little bodies. This is the reason prune juice is important as part of the solution.

It’s true that constipation isn’t typical when an infant is breastfed, however formula and solid foods can result in painful constipation in toddlers. If this occurs, one of the most natural ways to treat this condition is to naturally introduce prune juice into the diet.

Prune juice helps with regularity because it contains natural substances like sorbitol that promote soft stools that require little effort to pass. Sorbitol is somewhat like glucose but it is absorbed exceedingly more slowly. This slow rate of absorption allows it to absorb more water as it goes through the gut and that means that the stools are moister and easier to pass through the intestines to be eliminated. That means your child will not have to suffer through another moment of uncomfortable constipation which might lead to other problems.

Of course, there are no guarantees that any young one will be helped by using prune juice as the only solution or preventative measure for constipation in children, notwithstanding in most cases it works well to eliminate the discomfort of this situation. Because the truth is that each child is different, it is always recommended that those children who are struggling with frequent constipation, see a pediatrician to assist parents to determine if there are some other issues surrounding this condition.

Children often don’t enjoy the flavor of prune juice though, and because this is the preferred option for maintaining regularity parents have options to make sure their young receive the benefits it offers. Blending prune juice with other fruit juices is one option. You can use this recipe that you along with your child might enjoy.

1 apple seeded
1 pear seeded
1/2 cup prune juice

A blender should be used to mix all the ingredients. This mixture will remain fresh for 12 hours when placed in the refrigerator.

The prune juice associated with this recipe is not the one ingredient that helps to correct constipation in children. The apple, in itself if you selected a green type, contains malic acid which also helps to break down fatty products in the liver, gallbladder and intestines, and it contains fiber as well. Along with that, pears contain fiber which is essential for maintaining good bowel movements, and they also are loaded with Vitamins and Minerals which is important to clean out the colon and kidneys. Additionally, they help to regenerate blood cells.

The speed at which prune juice will work to eliminate constipation in children and toddlers often depends on the severity of the problem. In a number of instances it can work as quickly as a few hours, but other times when it is not effective at all because of the severity of constipation . When this happens parents are advised to consult with their child’sphysician to determine how to best handle the situation.

Constipation in children can be serious, so don’t let it become worse without getting your child relief as soon as possible.

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