Common Symptoms of Depression

A lot of people are suffering from depression. This is the reason why it is often referred to as the common cold of psychological ailments. We all feel down and disheartened from time to time. But, when the feeling of despair and emptiness take hold on you and won’t disappear, chances are you are suffering from depression. When you are depressed, enjoying life and doing your everyday routine can be so difficult. Even simply going through the day could be tough. But no matter how fed-up you feel, it helps to know that things will be just fine. And the first step to free yourself from this condition is by understanding the symptoms, causes and remedy for depression. Here are some of the common symptoms of depression.

1. You are over confident and fearless – Some depressed people may act differently from how they truly feel. This behavior is called escapism and it is common among over-achievers. Engaging in intense activities such as taking over a rival company or handing over your work resignation to open a new business makes you feel invincible and powerful. But deep inside you really feel insecure and helpless. In addition to being born with biochemical imbalance, the common cause of depression is the feeling of vulnerability and losing control. Over-achievers hate these feelings and they will do everything to deny it through their actions.

2. Alcoholism – Among the most common things that people do to drive away their emotional pains is drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, alcoholism will not solve anything but rather it will only give you another ailment to treat.

3. Being uninterested in the things you normally do – Depression may cause you to lose your ability to enjoy life. And you forget the simple things that make you happy such as doing your hobbies, pastimes and other social activities.

4. You work hard but you don’t work smart – Depressed people are often unable to find appropriate solutions even to simple problems. Instead of finding a way to get to the root of their troubles, they tend to do away from the right solution and do more of the same things repeatedly. For example, those who are having marital issues are often caught spending too much time at the gym instead of going through a relationship counselling in Melbourne. This is because the extra time they spend working out shortly lifts their spirits. But once they’re out of the treadmill, they realize that the problem is there.

5. Things have inappropriate effect on you – You may be suffering from depression when your behavior is often emotionally in conflict with the stimulus that triggered it. Crying and laughing over things that are not called for is a sign that something is bothering you deep down. The absence of appropriate feelings could make it difficult for you to control your emotions.

When you notice that you have some of the symptoms discussed in this article, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help or have a neuropsychological assessment Melbourne.

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