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EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) have been commonly investigated and questions about mobile phone radiation protection are considered unclear. Numerous study teams from different nations report a much higher risk of creating brain and salivary glandular cancer among high-volume, long-lasting mobile phone users compared with people who use cellular phone less typically. Additional study teams have actually found that mobile phone radiation may result in major problems in children, spur nerve adjustments in adults, and even damage sperm. A study at UCLA located a relationship between prenatal direct exposure to mobile phone radiation and behavioral problems in children (Divan 2008). Experts have actually located an enhanced risk for Alzheimer’s illness linked with electro-magnetic radiation (Huss 2009). A current Danish research stated an enhanced risk for nerve problems such as migraine and vertigo for mobile phone users (Schuz 2009).
To counteract your mobile phone’s discharges and fortify your body’s natural resistance to EMFs, put a Cellular phone Chip on the back side of your mobile phone or mobile phone cover. Some people prefer to put a Cellular phone Chip inside their phone on their battery. You may also put a Bluetooth Chip on any type of Bluetooth gadget, as well as your mobile phone. Do not maintain the Chips in your wallet as they are activated when they come within 2 inches of your body. Once the Chips are put away from the body or gadget, they are no longer active and the remaining life span is readily available for future usage. Keep away from durable magnets as they may erase the Chips.

* 6 Chips per pack and each Chip lasts about 4-8 weeks
* Counteracts your mobile phone’s discharges and fortifies your body’s natural resistance to EMFs
* Operates with all smart phone
* Operates with any type of Bluetooth gadget

Benefits and Safety Tips:.

Using the speaker phone lessens radiation to the head as do head sets which send out considerably less radiation compared to cellular phone.
Use the CieAura EMF Chip and change it every 4 to 8 weeks. The EMF Chip counteracts your mobile phone’s emissions and fortifies the body’s natural resistance to EMFs which develop from cellular phone, specifically in concentrated areas of the body, such as your ears and brain.
When possible, send messages instead of talk; it takes less power to send a text message than to send a voice message (talk) meaning less radiation. Likewise, texting keeps radiation away from your head.
Fewer signal bars on your phone indicates that it leaves out even more radiation trying to obtain the signal to the tower. Take or make calls when your phone has a strong signal. If you have a bad signal, STAY OFF THE PHONE.
Researchers in the U.S., France and Japan have actually reported that children’s brains soak up twice as much radiation compared with adults due to children’s thinner skulls and due to their brains much higher water and ion (charged particle) content, all aspects which enhance radiation penetration. We recommend restricting your child’s phone usage.
Radiation covers such as antenna caps or keypad protectors decrease the connection quality and oblige the cell phone to transfer at a much higher power with much higher radiation.

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