Choose Natural Laxatives like Prunes and Prune Juice

It is infrequent that the conversation turns to constipation, but that doesn’t mean that thousands of adults are not familiar with experiencing the discomfort which it can cause daily. The good news is that natural laxatives are beneficial for treating this condition, but one has to take a look at the cause.

The cause of constipation is usually not getting sufficient amounts of fiber in the diet, but there are different causes to consider as well. One of the hugest culprits is the medication lots of individuals take every day. By figuring out where the source of your constipation exists, there is always the chance to do something to prevent its re-occurrence.

Prune juice and prunes have gained the recognition as the most effective treatment to use for constipation, regardless of the cause. These healthy fruits are the most beneficial natural remedy for constipation ever discovered. And they are an all natural laxative that can be used every day with the gentle action they bring to the table.

Some people opt to use prune juice because of trouble chewing, nevertheless there are still great benefits that are offered by the juice even though the fiber is not there. We have to remember that it contains sorbitol which absorbs moisture as it passes within the intestines. The fluid makes it easier to produce stools.

You may not know, but most of the time the natural laxative action which is offered by prunes requires that only two of them be ingested in order to reap the benefits. In fact, they contain two grams of what is recommended for fiber when you eat two prunes. This is especially effective for eliminating constipation, and one of the natural laxatives with a track record for success.

Just like prune juice, there is also sorbitol contained in this dried fruit, and that goes a long way toward preventing and relieving constipation. It is up to you whether you chew tasty prunes or swallow the delicious liquid that is produced when prunes are juiced.

In addition to the fiber and sorbitol that is contained in prunes, there’s also dihxdroxphenyl isatin in them. This element causes fluids to be secreted from the walls of the intestines to help create softer stools. We all realize that dryer stools are more difficult to pass or constipation, and stools with more moisture typically pass with little effort.

With this valuable information about the benefits of prunes and prune juice as natural laxatives, it is no wonder lots of doctors and other healthcare practitioners recommend the use of them to patients who have problems with constipation. Along with the natural way they relieve this condition, they also have essential Vitamins and Minerals that often get lost when chemical preparations are used for this purpose.

Enjoying prunes with a meal which can be one of the easiest ways to receive the benefits from natural laxatives and that is because they taste so good. Many people share them with anyone sitting around your table, and in truth there are few people who would turn them down. If you find that you have occasional problems with constipation, or continuously have to battle this troubling condition, prunes or prune juice might be the answer that you are looking for.

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