Body & Facial Massager with Attachments For Scalp, Face & Cellulite. LIghtweight & Powerful!

Sublime Beauty® selected to offer this personal massager for many reasons. Sublime Beauty® offers anti-aging skin care products and also products to fight cellulite with a wide array of tools to assist. This includes a signature skin brush as well as this economical massager for face and body.

Due to the fact that the company provides anti-cellulite products, this massager will work especially well with the Cellulite Whisperer® Gel to break down toxins and fatty deposits under the skin. Use of the Gel two times everyday is recommended, which contains natural products known to assist dissolve toxins as well as smooth and strengthen new skin.

The massager was also picked due to the fact that there are extra bonus uses! us live in a stressful environment, with active lives and fears. The scalp massage and body massage will assist in relaxation. In addition, many skin products– from cleansers to moisturizers– can benefit from a light massage.

The shape is one-of-a-kind – the massager fits nicely in your hand and a special wrist band will assist avoid unforeseen drops or breaks. The attachments could not be any much easier to make use of, and it all can be found in a small box without batteries (two AA are needed.) The massager is an efficient option and really economical. This is a wonderful little discover!

Lightweight Yet Powerful Massager

Sublime Beauty® Chose This Massager for its Cellulite Whisperer ® Products – And Various other Attachments are a Reward for Facial and Scalp Massage and Body Buffing!

– Increases Flow and Assists the Skin Products to Work Even Better

– Great Shape Makes it Very Easy to Hold

– Wrist Band Protects Your Massager from Falling

Your Cellulite Therapy Demands the Full Attack!
Use this massager with the 5 nubbed attachment on your thighs and cellulite-affected locations after using the Cellulite Whisperer gel. Use the massager for 5 to 10 mins, relocating slowly in upward round motions and pushing a little to break at toxins under the skin. When completed, apply the Cellulite Whisperer ® Lotion.

This is an efficient yet powerful massager. It is compact and
easy and works on 2 AA batteries (batteries not included.) The head does not spin – the massager is powerful and with vibrations to reach deep below the skin.

Perk: attachments are for scalp massage, facial cleaning and muscle leisure. Use the concave attachment to massage those tight shoulders, back or muscles after work-outs.

This is your personal massager!

5 for the Rate of 1!
– 5 attachments with your user friendly and easy-to-hold massager.
– Little enough and light enough to load on trips and business trips.

– Vow to minimize or eliminate your cellulite this year with Cellulite Whisperer ® and de-stress using the other reward attachments!


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