Becoming A Nurse Administrator

Dialysis nurses are licensed practical nurses who are involved in the care of individuals having kidney problems. Most of the time, these patients have either acute or chronic kidney failure, conditions that involve failure of the kidneys to perform normal metabolic and excretory functions leading to waste build-up in the body. You need advanced nursing education to take take this kind of job in the future.

A dialysis nurse may also be called a nephrology nurse or a renal nurse. These nurses are equipped with the expertise of handling dialysis machines, assessing, monitor, evaluating, and providing comfort to patients undergoing dialysis treatments.

If you are interested in engaging in a career as a dialysis nurse, here are the processes which you must undergo to successfully become one:
First, you must be a graduate of an accredited academic institution in nursing. Since nursing programs vary, you may enrol yourself in an associate degree or the BSN degree which takes four years to complete. There are online programs which can be pursued as well but be certain that these programs are also accredited. This is a matter of importance.

The nurse also conducts group discussions among nursing staff regarding the quality of their area management, how effective they are in dealing with situations, and one-on-one assessment with specific behavior among staff that affects the quality of work performance. Written reports are also being sent to the nurse administrator which he or she will then review.

Of course there are people having various conditions who you would encounter as you work in your field, conditions varying in severity and nature. To be equipped in dealing in with these, you must study and read on the different disease conditions of the kidneys and do your own additional research.

Qualifications to become a nurse administrator

Those who are interested in becoming a nurse administrator will first need to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree which will take four years of completion. In addition, the completion of a master’s degree is highly preferred since it will be able to provide more opportunities with managerial positions.

When obtaining a master’s degree, make sure that it is focused in nursing administration. You can also choose to take a Master of Nursing with an MBA degree. The success and effectiveness of being a nurse administrator lies on your attitude of being visionary, imaginative, creative, and futuristic. You should be able to enjoy your work as well and see its value in order for you to fully appreciate it.

Being self-disciplined and determined in achieving long-term goals are also integral qualities as a nurse administrator. You should also have adequate knowledge with regards to budgeting, accreditation standards, rules and regulations. Most of all, pertinent nursing theories must not be forgotten. You need nursing training to accomplish all these things.

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