8 Premium Snapon Electrodes for Body Massagers (Includes 8 Skin Prep Wipes)

Similar to many electronic devices, the accessories it comes with is a key element of how effective the device is in doing what it's supposed to do and getting the optimum benefit from it. This is generally true for all digital massagers and acupuncture devices.

Top quality snap-on electrodes are essential to getting the maximum relief from your electronic massager or acupuncture device. The snap-on electrodes must be sturdy, cleanable, and tough in order to effectively conduct the electrical current essential to ensure that you receive the maximum results you need for alleviation of your aches and pains.

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Premium Snapon electrodes for digital massagers and acupuncture devices.
Package consists of 8 snapons and 8 dermal preparation wipes.
Cleanable and multiple-use and sturdy.
These snap-on electrodes are not useable with Omron devices.

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