Follow These Guidelines When Trying To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Craig explains the the global rise in bedbug infestations.

The recent surge in reported bedbug infestations has given new meaning to the phrase “domestic terrorism.” Even though bed bugs do not spread diseases to humans, there will be two health issues concerning the increase in infestations of bed bugs globally. One is treating the rashes which result from bed bug bites. The second concern would be mental health. It is difficult going to bed at night worrying if your backside is dinner for a bug. Even thinking about it makes people itchy. Interrupted sleep patterns invite additional health problems. Find more about how to get rid of bed bugs.

The first issue can be quickly addressed. There are many creams and ointments available which can sooth the rash. It is important to cleanse the bites with anti-bacteriological soap, and resist scratching, which only makes the situation worse. People have been known to cut their fingernails to ensure that they won’t inadvertently scratch while sleeping.

Eliminating the bugs themselves will be a much more time consuming task. The minute blood-sucking beasts may live anyplace the corner of a credit card can fit. Armed with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner you can seek out and destroy the elusive bugs. Thoroughly vacuum mattresses, box springs, armchairs, couches, dresser drawers, and under the edges of rugs and carpets. Vacuum in back of baseboards, headboards, electrical socket and light switch wall plates, and wall hangings. Check out openings in wall boards and around plumbing fixtures. In addition to discovering bugs hiding or scurrying, be on the look-out for any minute brown dots of their fecal droppings, their tiny whitish eggs, plus spots of blood (yours).Find more about air bed sofas and how it can help.

Whenever you are still sure you are experiencing a bedbug infestation, except you can’t find where they’re hiding, you should consider using a bedbug dog. Dogs which can be trained to find explosives, narcotics, or mold are easily taught to find the sick-sweet smelling Cimex Lectularius, as the common bedbug is recognized by its scientific name.

When bedbugs are discovered, and you can’t get rid of them yourself, then it’s time to phone a professional exterminator. There are many preventative actions you can pursue, like completely covering your bed and box springs in vinyl, however, for thorough elimination one needs to consult a specialist.