Fitness Equipment: Review

Were you familiar with the fact that the stationary exercise bike was introduced by Francis Lowndes in 1796 and was known as the Gymnasticon? It was invented for the lone reason of exercising the body’s joints and to enhance the field of gymnastics as well as the flourishing practice of physical therapy. The Gymnasticon was a an enormous piece of equipment that included flywheels, levers and cranks. Fortunately, our contemporary inventors cut down the dimensions of this fitness equipment so that it would fit in our homes or else we would have to enlist in a gym to feel the great results of equipment such as this. The is the point that the Kettler Company, the world’s greatest creator of fitness equipment, was making when they produced the Kettler Golf P Eco. This is a very efficient and effective successor of the original Gymnasticon.
Average Rating: 9 of a possible 10 stars
Chief Components:
• 15 incredible levels of even, quiet motorized magnetic resistance system
• Comes wit handheld grip pulse sensors along with standard ear clip heart rate sensors
• Contains 8 preset programmes and 2 heart-rate powered programmes
• Equipped with unique Heart Rate Light technology
• Trouble-free movability
• Comfortable and modifiable seats
• Ergonomic 3D flex shaped handle bars
• Self-generating power system
Charge: Close to £499
Item Description:
The Kettler Golf P Eco is certainly a work of art in fitness equipment which we are positive you will easily adore when you get your very first glimpse of it. This exercise bike has a ecological energy generator meaning that you’ll never have to plug it up plus you can apply it almost everywhere in the house. It stores and uses electricity from your own pedalling action which makes it a very efficient machine. Kettler speaks of this as reducing your carbon footprint.
Product Specifications:
• Super safeguarded and protected gravity pedals which are additionally wide and have low accessibility and straps
• 150kg or 23.5 stones maximum user weight capacity
• Dimensions – 100cm Long x 53cm Wide x 130cm High
• The Golf P Eco weighs only 40.2kg
Product Features:
The Golf P Eco has easily adjustable seats and handlebars for your comfort and safety. It also features a unique Heart Rate Light technology that warns you if you’re not in exercising properly by changing the LCD backlight colour. It’s green if you’re within the target zone but it turns red if you’re overdoing it and blue if you’re not doing it enough. So whether you are doing cardiovascular training, fat burning exercises or leg muscle strengthening, we’re sure that this is the perfect fitness equipment for you.
Warranty: Parts and labour: 3 years
With great innovations in the fitness equipment industry, Kettler does it again by winning the most innovative brand award in the X Awards which is the world’s most prestigious technology, sport and lifestyle competition. You can trust the Kettler Golf P Eco Exercise Bike to live up to its reputation as one of the best fitness equipment available in the market. But hurry, as this ultimate exercise machine is quickly getting sold out.