Ginger Root – More Than A Flavoring

Throughout the world, ginger root is a valued ingredient in lots of dishes. This herb can be found as a seasoning in a variety of foods including cakes, cookies, breads, beverages, sauces, fruit dishes, and Asian cooking.
Not just a seasoning, Ginger Root is also a great choice to battle illness and its symptoms. A guardian of the stomach, this potent root helps bowel disorders and cleanses the colon. For stomach upsets, it is powerful enough to ease the nausea of cancer patients and mild enough to ease morning sickness associated with pregnancy or colic in an infant. Ginger can help alleviate diarrhea in addition to indigestion, motion sickness and vomiting.

Ginger decreases spasms and cramping, so that it is a good choice for the treatment of muscle pain and the discomfort related to menstruation. A circulatory stimulant, it can help alleviate poor circulation.

An anti-inflammatory, herbalists recommend Ginger Root to aid with the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Ginger has been beneficial in managing the symptoms affiliated with ulcerative colitis. The results of studies have suggested that cholesterol levels are lowered and blood is prevented from clotting with usage of this herb. Further research has found that ginger could possibly have some anticancer activity.

Ginger Root is a strong antioxidant, anti-viral and effective antimicrobial that helps battle fungi, bacteria and viruses. Moreover, these qualities make it a good choice for healing poultices placed on wounds.

Taken internally, this herb helps protect the liver and cleanse the kidneys while moving excess toxins out of the body. It is traditionally utilized to treat the common cold, flu-like symptoms, headaches and other pains.

It’s no wonder this herb is found in many traditional tonics and herbal cleansing blends. We like it in stir fry dishes and in teas whenever stuffed up. There are plenty of beneficial reasons to give this herb an honored spot in your kitchen.


Mince a Tbsp each of ginger root and fresh garlic, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey to taste.

Place ingredients in a mug and add eight oz of boiling water. Cover, and let sit for 10 mins. Pour this through a sieve and sip the liquid.

Have this first thing in the morning before eating.

Whirl these ingredients in your blender until smooth. Amounts can be adjusted according to your taste preference

* 1 inch fresh ginger, minced
* 1 tablespoon extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
* 1 clove of garlic
* 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
* 1 apple, chopped small
* ½ small beet, diced
* 1 stick celery, chopped small
* several sprigs of parsley, chopped small
* 1 cup filtered water

The emulsion of the water and oil are helped by the addition of apple cider vinegar. Garlic loses its potency once it’s cut. As a consequence it is best to drink it straight away, before it begins to separate.

To boost the effect of this tonic, drink it over a number of days, raising the number of tablespoons of olive oil and garlic cloves. On the second day use 2 tablespoons of oil and two cloves, on the 3rd day use 3 tablespoons and 3 cloves, and so forth, but don’t exceed five tablespoons and cloves.

Blend and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Information and ideas presented here are for the reader’s use and benefit. This isn’t offered in lieu of solid medical guidance. The opinions and ideas expressed are fallible and that of the author. It’s the responsibility of the reader to arrive at his own conclusions and be knowledgeable.

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