Organic Vitamins for health

“Whenever possible, take all your nutrients from organic plant sources”

I was present at the birth of a friend’s baby the other day, and as the baby was shown through the glass window, generating the customary crescendos of ohhs and ahhs from the gathered audience, I couldn’t help thinking that here we were witnessing perfect health, the ultimate healthy body without diseases or imperfections, health as it should be, in all its innocent glory!

And as I quickly drew a mind map of the baby’s growth amongst us, I was only too painfully aware that just as nature had brought into life a perfect bundle of joy and health so would we turn this healthy perfection into something all too familiar in today’s life: A nutritionally deficient health in need of Vitamins and Supplements.

Vitamins are micronutrients, organic in nature that the body requires in small does in order to maintain life at an optimum level. Vitamins are most easily found from Supplements or even better from the foods in our diet.

We are what we eat and in a country where billions of dollars of synthetic Vitamins are spent on a yearly basis, the overall state of our health seems to indicate that those synthetically produced nutrients are falling short of the promises on their labels.

And so in a world where Vitamins are not created equals, a vitamin is not really a great vitamin unless it is an organic vitamin!

As a society geared towards consumption, we are confronted with an unprecedented choice of Vitamins, as daily Supplements or multi vitamin super duper and multi boosted tablets of sheer vitamin power and yet an increasing number of Americans are chronically ill.

Even the foods we buy boast products that include Vitamins (in fact these “Vitamins” are almost always chemicals components).

And so as the realization that these synthetic chemical vitamin products are not the real deal gradually becomes evident in our mind, the problem we now face is where to find, the good Vitamins that our body craves.

The answer to that question is simple. Just as the food we eat should be organic, so do the Vitamins we take as Supplements. If there is one message that one needs to remember, it is that when it comes to Vitamins, nothing compares with organic food which when consume provide our body with all the necessary nutrients it needs for its well being!

That being said, the life we tend to lead is so hectic, it is not uncommon, in spite of our best intention to still have a nutritionally deficient diet and it is for this reason only that we advocate the addition of organic Vitamins to our daily diet.

A word of caution about so-called “enriched” food products such as bread which “boast” the addition of Vitamins in their products. The Supplements they use are actually not Vitamins but chemical components which may prove more detrimental to your health than you think. The rule of thumb here is to select organic food products that are naturally packed with nutrients necessary for our good health. If in spite of this, you still notice a deficiency in your nutrition in terms of Vitamins, then go the organic Vitamins’ route as opposed to the synthetic Vitamins branded about in every health and vitamin store.

Another word of caution is necessary at this stage. Our body is generally construted in ways to utilizes all the resources available in nature. These resources should be organic, and not tempered in any way by human intervention. In addition, dosage should not be exceeded just because the market encourages more sales. A recent study of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) suggests that doses greater than 500 mg both suppress and promote oxidation. What about that: Primarily used as an anti-oxidant, it now turns out that when taken in excess, Vitamin C can actually have the exact opposite effect.

Vitamins are living enzymes complexes responsible for the production of natural biochemical reactions in our body. When taken in their organic form, vitamin can therefore perform the very functions they are called upon to perform unlike the synthetic Vitamins which are no more than glorified chemicals quite capable of causing havoc in our body.